Lash Lounge Hamilton specializes in high-quality, professionally applied, eyelash extensions.  Enhancing your natural beauty, we apply 1 to 8 eyelashes to your natural lash so you can wake up, and go! Our lash technicians have been trained by the best in North America, so you can feel comfortable knowing there will be no damage to your natural lash. 



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classic lashes

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Lengths ranging from 7mm - 16mm, you will receive as many extensions as you have natural lashes. Designed to suit your natural eye shape and personal preference. You will be scheduled for a full two-hour appointment. $140

Classic Lashes last 2-3 weeks


As long as you’ve retained at least 40% of your original set, you can come in for fill-in applications every two to four weeks. Please note, we do not fill other Lash Artists work. $80

removal, Repair, Full set

Remove old or improperly applied eyelash extensions, apply a treatment, and receive a new set of synthetic mink lashes. 

$155 Removal & Classic Full Set

$220 Removal & Russian Volume Full Set


Have your lash extensions removed. $25


Lash Lounge is located at 179 John Street South, downtown Hamilton in the charming Corktown neighbourhood. Located on the second floor, it shares a building with John Street Tattoo in a private, clean, comfortable studio. So don't worry, no one will see you without your makeup! 


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An advanced technique of applying 3 - 7 ultra-fine extensions to each natural lash. Using fine extensions between 0.03mm and 0.7mm thickness, different techniques are used to fan the extensions. It is then placed in a way that wraps around the isolated natural lash which aids good retention with NO damage. They are created by hand at the time of application and when applied creates a lightweight, fuller, darker and more fluffy look which cannot be achieved with Classic application.

Volume lashes last 3-4 weeks

$200 3 Hour Full Set
$120 2 Hour Fill


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Please come to your appointment with clean eyes. Do not wear any makeup, use moisturizer or any oil based products.

Do not tint, curl, or perm your lashes within 48 hours of your lash appointment.

If you wear contact lenses please bring a case so you can remove them during your appointment. 

Please allow 2 hours for full sets and 1.5 hours for fills appointment. 


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